A new kind of word game
for puzzle lovers!

Are you a word search expert? Then you’ll love WordBubbles! Swipe across, up, down, and diagonally to connect each letter bubble and build specific hidden words... Progress to harder levels with bigger and bigger puzzles!

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Wordbubbles Wordbubbles Wordbubbles

Think outside the bubble!

6 Reasons to try WordBubbles right now:


WordBubbles is completely free to try! Press one of the buttons above or below to get it!

Loads of levels!

More than 1,000 levels, from easy to difficult! Plenty of challenges await!

Get smarter!

Sharpen your skills in vocabulary and spelling!

Daily challenges!

Every day you can play a new daily challenge and earn free bonus hints!

Puzzle + Word game

It’s the perfect blend of brain teaser, word game, and puzzle!

Challenge your friends

Compete with your friends and follow their progress!

Watch the trailer

A picture is worth a thousand words… but a trailer tells even more!

Try Wordbubbles now - for free!

Wordbubbles Wordbubbles Wordbubbles